A Delightful Process

Over a Century Dedicated to the Pleasure of Working for Pleasure

Every day delicious chocolates and the most exquisite chocolates leave our modern installation. Find out how the finest chocolate is prepared step by step in our product process.

Step 1: Chocolate Valor's Factory

Chocolates Valor's factory is located in Les Mediasses, Villajoyosa, a place with a long chocolate-making tradition.

This factory is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and precision machinery, with a production capacity of 45 tons per 8-hour working day.

Step 2: Cocoa

Chocolates Valor's secret to chocolate making is based on the selection of the best cocoa beans from different parts of the world.

Sugar and milk - for varieties containing these ingredients - are the other basic materials used to make delicious Valor chocolate.

Step 3: Mixing & Cleaning

The mixture and exact proportion of the different varieties of cocoa from Ecuador, Ghana and Panama, coupled with the removal of up to 20% of the original raw material, distinguish Valor chocolates from other products.

Step 4: Roasting & Grinding

The clean cocoa beans are transported to roasting machines. The degree of roasting gives the cocoa the aroma and taste characteristic of Chocolates Valor, and at the same time facilitates the shelling process in which the shells are finally separated from the beans.

The cleaned cocoa beans are pressed and broken into small pieces, which are known as nibs.

Step 5: Liquidizing & Mixing

The cocoa nibs are ground until a thin cocoa paste or liqueur is obtained from which the acidity is extracted. The process concludes with the combination of this liqueur and the cocoa butter and sugar.

Machinery incorporating state-of-the-art technology mixes the appropriate proportions of ingredients to obtain the selected type of chocolate.

Step 6: Refining

The mixture is passed through refiners, which convert it into a very fine powder, measuring approximately 17 microns in diameter.

Step 7: Conching

The powder is put into large warm conching recipients with turning arms which move and beat the chocolate for hours until a fine and homogeneous liquid is obtained.

Step 8: Moulding & Demoulding

When the mixture reaches the moulding and demoulding section, it is cooled and deposited in moulds where the chocolate is given form.

Step 9: Packaging & Distribution

Finally, the product is cooled and distributed.

Step 10: Casting

When we make chocolate, we take care of every small detail, every instance and every moment so that you can slowly savour its exquisite taste, without a hurry in the world, a treat for all your senses... and awakening your most intimate desires of pleasure.